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Aadhaar card benefits

There are innumerable benefits that can be derived from accessing of this card. Few of them are listed below:
1: Aadhaar card is going to be source of universal identification which will facilitate any kind of authentication that is required by its beneficiary at any point of time and this is going to be a single mode of identity verification.
2: Another important beneficial factor about Aadhaar is that this will allow the poor and needy people in accessing services like banking facilities and also help people to obtain the facilities provided to them by the government which they could not access before.
3: This is going to be a sole identity proof with the help of which they could be verified and hence facilitating people to utilize for availing of services like applying for passport, opening a bank account, booking tickets online, etc.
4: Since this card is purely based on the biometric and demographic information of an individual, it eradicates the threat of any kind of forgery and fraud.

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